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So in order to celebrate the rest of the month of July after the fourth, would best be spent honoring my Mother by remembering her even more than I do daily, and of course trying to spread more of our message of connection as The Link Foundation. By telling everyone how we are all “Links” in the same big chain of life. My Mom is mainly the reason I feel motivated to do all of  this charity stuff, but also my Father too. And his Birthday was just last month. One thing I am constantly learning in the world of Non-profit, that it is not an easy task to even get people to believe in what your doing, let alone believe your not profiting from something. Well the truth is I am profiting “somehow”…. Everytime someone hears our message or connects with what we are trying to do, I feel rich. Flat out I’ll be honest, It makes you feel better than anything. So please keep spreading the message to everyone that “We Are All Connected” . And we can all get rich together. Help me help others and say thank you to my parents, and everyone.

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    • I am grateful for The Link Foundation because they take an interest in individual lives. They have blessed a few of our underprivileged teens with the nicest bikes they could have ever envisioned! It meant so much to each teen, giving them a greater sense of worth and identity.”

      Andy Swanda, VP of Outreach & Community Engagement Treehouse