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While attending WCCO’s Petapalooza annual event this summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Cece Krelitz.  We here at Link are inspired by her story of survival.  On December 17, 2010, Krelitz was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  After two surgeries and 12 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, she is now enjoying an NED (no evidence of disease) status.  While grateful for her own survival, Krelitz knows that for many women every year, the results are tragically different.

With symptoms that can, and often do, go undetected, ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer.  Each year, over 22,000 women are diagnosed, with 70% of those facing difficulty in treating the cancer because of its likelihood to be stage III or higher.  Over 15,000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer die annually.We are so proud to say that we have made a difference.  Each sale we have made of our O-Links has not only given the buyer a stylish accessory, but has also helped Cece in her war on ovarian cancer.  Proceeds from our O-Links help fund cutting edge research to find new methods of early detection, support programs, and community initiatives for ovarian cancer awareness.  Help us join Cece in the fight against ovarian cancer; buy an O-Link today!  For you and a friend.
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    • ….sometimes you just need a little help from your friends, and other times you make new friends during a very difficult time.  This is what happened to our family when our son, Brett Banasiewicz, suffered a traumatic brain injury on his BMX bike on August 23, 2011.  Dustin Grice is one of Brett’s BMX buddies that reached out to us about the Link Foundation.  Jeff Troldahl, founder of the Link Foundation, and Dustin Grice designed a “Maddog” bracelet with Brett’s signature colors pink and green.  The Link Foundation sold many bracelets via the internet and also allowed us to sell the bracelets at Brett’s BMX Skate Park.  The proceeds went to Brett’s mounting medical bills.  Brett was able to obtain the best care in the United States that also included hyperbarics.  Brett had to relocate to Texas because the state of Indiana is not licensed to administer hyperbarics  for TBI’s..

      Lisa Banasiewicz, Brett B's Mom Kitchen Skatepark