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Dustin Grice found out that 11 yr old Dallas Light has never seen a mountain or the ocean. And Dustin also knew that there were a handful of Lil’ BMXr’s out west that Dallas needed to make friends with and of course do some serious riding too. To explain that statement a little easier, The Link Foundation is very proud to sponsor these two great great guys, and unreal BMX riders! Dustin Grice and Dallas Light. These two ride their bikes like they are extensions of their bodies, and whip their bikes around like backpacks. So Dustin took Dalls out to California to ride his Bike with other younger kids Dusitn had previously met over past trips at various events. So now Dallas has more friends and peers he knows in the great sport of BMX, the Lil’ Pros BMX Tour was born, and will contionue, promoting this sport to more kids all over the world. And while all this is building up and going on, Dustin and Dallas are promoting the Link Foundation to an entire audience of kids and adults ALL OVER THE WORLD! How cool are these guys? Thanks D and D! Keep up the great work.

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    • The Link Foundation created the “O” link to bring awareness to ovarian cancer.  The “O” link is key in helping uyo spread the word on this deadly disease.  Jeff’s links create a new way to educate people about this disease in a creative and meaningful way.

      Cece Krelitz,