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Link Foundations very first public event at the WALK FOR ANIMALS went great!!! Our Link Bandanas were a big hit, and we most definitely spread the message of connection to all things people and animals alike. And did it all in  honor of our parents. Our fathers dog shadow was a big hit, laying out in the middle of walking traffic and rolling over on her back , asking for a belly-rub. And a hug hug thanks to my Brother Brent and his family, Wife Monica and my nieces Lauren, Jordyn, and their friend Megan. And a few more do-gooders that help pass out our bandanas, Celeste, Amy, Chris and Marty, Thanks you guys. And thanks to the photos of the great pets wearing our bandanas. And of course our co-sponsors We The Kings and Petropawlis, and Peace Coffee (More to come on these guys). So look for us this summer, we will be out again, And we’ll keep going, help us out, BUY A LINK today! Buy one for your Pet, friend, neighbor, teacher, bus driver, busboy, whoever and everyone! Make the chain Bigger, Longer, and stronger. OK enough rhyming.

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    • The Link Foundation created the “O” link to bring awareness to ovarian cancer.  The “O” link is key in helping uyo spread the word on this deadly disease.  Jeff’s links create a new way to educate people about this disease in a creative and meaningful way.

      Cece Krelitz,