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On January 14th, 2013 my beloved Grandmother Joyce passed away, after 95 wonderful years. Though she had a great run at life, it is still very sad to not have her with us anymore.  She will live on in our hearts and memories.  She was a smart, independent, and proud lady.  She was simply joyous!  Not only was she an outstanding Grandmother but when my mother, her daughter, passed away in 2003 she played an even bigger role for my brother and I.  Instead of going on and on I will post the Eulogy I wrote for her funeral, which explains best how important she was to me and all who knew and loved her:

Anyone who has met Grandma Joyce knows she was a very social person, she loved entertaining, and was always interested in others. And one of the best friends a person could ever have. She would truly do anything for you if you needed it or not. She gave so much without question to those she loved. When I was young, she would catch small frogs from her garden, and have them for me when I would arrive at her house. From a 6 year old’s view, “what could be better than a frog catching Grama” And through my whole life she clipped newspaper articles for me that she came across.  And there were a lot of articles… a lot. So I knew she was always thinking of me. And she was always part of every event in my life from cold outside hockey games, to being a part of our wedding not even a month ago.  I have always been so proud of My Grandma and all that she has done, My Grandma truly was a classy lady, a class act, and as a grandson, sometimes a hard class to pass. She had a way of making sure you were always doing your best, at whatever it was you were doing. She had an unbelievable way of using just the right words to stick with you beyond the conversation. Grandma had many stories, and I can tell you, being the youngest grandson, I got to hear them all, some quite a few times. But every single story she told, she always had that sparkle in her eye, and a big smile on her face. And behind that twinkle in her eye, was a lesson or a point, that was always, always well made, and always worth getting to, weather you agreed or not. She was so active, so funny, so fun, so giving, and just so good, better than a Grandmother is supposed to be. For some reason she always kept me right at the top of her list, she often told me throughout my life how much fun she had watching me grow up, that I was always “up to something” interesting (I know that is making her laugh right now). My Brother and I are so lucky to have had her in our lives. She helped us out in so many ways, supported us in every decision, and bragged about us before we’d even get out the door. She and I had many good times together which I will remember forever, or as she called it “hanging out.”  There is no time in my life that she was not there, supporting me, cheering for me, feeding me… I could go on about all the great food that will be truly missed, along with the many other special things grandma made for us. She truly lived a “full” life, 95 years full, and will now be with so many family members again. “Full” of stories to share with all of them. But without doubt she will be “greatly” missed, as such a big part of our lives here.  And such a huge part of our family.  Thanks for the Frogs, Thanks for the hugs, Thanks for the smiles, and I will always remember “Don’t do anything your ol’ granny wouldn’t do” which really means, be smart and have fun! Thanks for everything Grandma.

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