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Lyme Disease is an infectious disease that can affect anyone at any age. It can cause over 300 symptoms, including joint and nerve pain, fever, fatigue, vertigo, confusion. It is often misdiagnosed or difficult to diagnose resulting in delayed treatment. Health insurance often does not cover the necessary treatments. Our friend Dorian became sick at the tender age of 4. It took 37 doctors and several years before he was correctly diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He has undergone multiple medical treatments including antibody blood transfusions and up to 23 daily prescriptions. Dorian has developed severe anemia and fatigue. The disease has attacked his brain and is affecting his life, his school and his interactions with people. His muscles are weakening and he experiences anxiety, panic attacks, fear and confusion. All this before he has even reached the age of 11. Lyme Disease can be a chronic and terminal condition. It is estimated that a quarter of a million people suffer from Lyme Disease and more than half are undiagnosed for too long. Help us help spread the word, fund research, and help those like Dorian who are dealing with Lyme Disease to remind them that they are not alone and provide hope, help with future treatments, and one day a cure.

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    • The Link Foundation created the “O” link to bring awareness to ovarian cancer.  The “O” link is key in helping uyo spread the word on this deadly disease.  Jeff’s links create a new way to educate people about this disease in a creative and meaningful way.

      Cece Krelitz,