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Pit bulls score at or below average for aggression when compared to other dogs. Dogs are not naturally aggressive. Almost any dog can be taught to be aggressive. However, the evidence shows clearly that this is not a dog problem, but a people problem. Pit bulls represent one in four of all animals taken into shelters. More than 80 percent of pit bulls in shelters will die before their second birthday. My Pit Bull is Family is a national non-profit organization that works to “Lick Discrimination” for families through working to eliminate discriminatory housing and insurance practices when it comes to dogs. We do this through breaking the stereotypes that many have through holding educational community events and through the power of social media. Thousands of families across the United States and the world struggle with finding housing that will accept their Pit Bull type dog or other large breed dogs. MyPitBullisFamily.org is home to the largest housing database in the United States that has listings of rentals that do not breed discriminate. To learn more visit MyPitBullisFamliy.org or follow us on social media! Facebook.com/mypitbullisfamliy • Instagram @mypitbullisfamily.

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    • The Link Foundation created the “O” link to bring awareness to ovarian cancer.  The “O” link is key in helping uyo spread the word on this deadly disease.  Jeff’s links create a new way to educate people about this disease in a creative and meaningful way.

      Cece Krelitz,